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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Yamato from China

IYOA member Charles Miller, of Shanghai, China, sends us this data on the new Yamato he is building.

A model ship fan as a child, Charles recently got the time (and money) to invest in the Nichimo 1/200 scale Yamato kit. After nearly buying one at closeout from a local hobby shop, (it was sold before he could buy it) he placed an order with a Bejing hobby shop.

Chuck plans to dig into his Yamato by spring of 2007, and this website will document his construction as best we can.

A straightforward construction, Chuck does plan to replace the plastic fake wood deck with real wood (3mm ceder). Also, he plans to do his own motor arrangement in pairs with dual controllers. He will use linked servos to control the turrets and searchlights.

Chuck also plans to include a smoke and sound package to finish the effects!

Please check in for more current news next spring. Good luck, Charles!

Owned by: Charles Miller
Built: 2007?

Length: 4 feet, 3 inches

Width: 7 inches

Homewaters: ?

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